ThumbnailImage - PHP class

This class can resize images to generate thumbnail versions.

It can generate thumbnail images keeping the proportions between the width and the height. It may also add optional logo images and/or text labels with a given color, font, size, rotation angle and position in the resized images.

It can load images from files of any format supported by the GD extension and generate thumbnails in either JPEG, PNG or GIF formats. The resized images can be saved to a given file or served directly to the user browser.

The code is released under GNU/LGPL license. It is free, so you can use it at no cost.

Please publish your comments or bugs reports here.

Version 1.0.1

Requirements: PHP >= 4.0.6, GD2

What is new?

- Now it is possible to load image files by url. Thanks to Luis Larrateguy for the idea.

Download ZIP archive (375Kb)

Copyright © 2005 Vagharshak Tozalakyan